Zinus Eurotop iCoil Hybrid Mattress


First things…a king mattress under $500?! Yes, we bought it from Zinus.com. Yes, the quality is fantastic. Yes, they shipped it to our house. Actually, the shipping was the most interesting part. It came in a big box and in a big bag. We had to cut the bag off it and the mattress flipped out and unfolded in our room! We were prepared for it. Somehow Zinus is able to make high quality mattresses in a variety of sizes and comfort levels and styles at about 25% of the cost of mattresses bought from traditional stores. So how do you feel about buying a mattress “untested”? They thought of that and offer a 100 night trial. If you don’t like it just send it back. We had another method. We got all the specs of the Zinus mattress and went to a local mattress store. We found one really similar for about $2,000 and tested it. We liked it so we ordered the one from Zinus. Online shopping is awesome!

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