Three Piece Cookware Set


Cookware sets are all over the place but we’ve never seen the use of a 17 piece set with pots, pans, a dutch oven, and one egg wonders. We keep it simple around our house. We have our basic non-stick fry pan for our morning eggs and bacon and we have our 2 quart saucepan for marina sauce and pasta. Um…that’s about it. Sure we have some other pieces but for daily use a basic pot and pan does the job. Obviously non-stick surfaces are a plus. Padded, riveted handles with hooks for hanging provide comfort and space saving convenience. The anodized aluminum construction is very durable and scratch resistant. Best of all it provides non-toxic nonstick surfaces created by the anodization process.

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10in fry pan perfect for eggs, burgers, stir-stir fry, etc.
2qt sauce pan with lid so you can see when something is about to boil over
Hard anodized aluminum for even heating and durability
Dishwasher safe
Compatible with all cooktop surfaces