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  • Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    Shredded memory foam pillows are as popular as ever but not all shredded memory foam pillows are build the same. We discovered these amazing pillows with bamboo covers quite by accident while walking through a local department store. There was a display of them and they caught my eye because I had recently realized that our latex foam pillows were over 20 years old - yuck! They had a special going so even more so I was paying attention. I plopped my head down on one and I was hooked. It ends up that the bamboo covers are highly breathable, machine washable, and hypoallergenic. Basically that means you can enjoy the comfort of memory foam without getting sweaty and you can clean your pillows without having to gunk up the memory foam. Plus the thick bamboo cover gives an extra layer of softness so you don't feel the bumpiness of shredded memory foam. The only problem is that I miss my pillow when I stay somewhere else!
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  • Breville BBL605XL Blender

    We actually have people out there blending burgers and fries while others blend kale and quinoa. Banana broccoli shake anyone? Though we haven't gone out on that edge yet, we do love a good smoothie and that's why we bought this blender. It didn't make sense to get a blender with a motor that could also power a lawnmower but we wanted something strong and fast for protein shakes and frozen berry smoothies. We discovered Breville and they make awesome blenders! Make snow cone ice on the lowest setting and turn anything else to powder on the highest. In addition to all the things a blender should do (i.e. blend things well), the Breville Hemisphere blender has a smoothie button that alternates between blend and pulse to ensure everything is...blended. We've used ours daily for almost 3 years. It's easy to clean and hasn't failed us yet!
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  • Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee Maker

    We had several coffee makers before we bought the DCC-3000. Coffee makers for the home are simple and mainly do one thing - heat up and spew hot water over coffee grounds then funnel it into a pot. There are, however, many subtleties in that process that make one coffee maker better than another. Our problem had never been in the quality of coffee (even with cheap machines) - we're easy to please. Our issue was breaking the coffee pots! Cheaper machines have thin walled pots but even more expensive ones are breakable. So we went on a search for a "potless" coffee maker and discovered the DCC-3000. We love the stainless steel accents, the 1-4 cup mode, that it's very easy to clean, and obviously, no pot to break. The dispenser lever makes serving coffee to guests a "self-serve" task and it's one they appreciate as much as we do.
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  • Gray Wood Pillar Candleholder

    The pillar candle is a staple in a wide range of decorative styles. Though you most often see them in country and rustic themes, pillar candles appear in modern and even industrial styles. Accent pieces are what most often make a room's decor extraordinary - the final 5% that polish off the look. Candles and candle holders fit these finishing touches and few living rooms are complete without them. As decor on the fireplace mantle and coffee table alike, pillar candle holders are as practical as they are eye-catching. We like simple wooden pillar candle holders and have two different sizes on our mantle. We also like the irony of a wooden holder "holding" fire. For the money you can't go wrong with these to add just what your living room may be missing. Even without a candle they make great accents (though we wouldn't recommend it).
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    Japanese Style Stainless Steel Santoku Knife

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    We could make a strong case for why you only need one good knife in the kitchen but we love knives too much to do that. Why have one when you can have a drawerful? Still, if we had to pick one - the all-purpose must have - the ultimate cutting tool for mincing, dicing and chopping - the best friend of the "master chef" and the "wannabe chef" alike - it would be the Japanese style santoku knife. The word "santoku" means "three virtues" and is rightly applied to this knife (as I mentioned, mincing, dicing, and chopping). It has a one piece stainless steel construction with a razor edge. The handle is perfectly rounded for comfort and is large enough to get some torque on the blade. We're also fond of knives with indentations in the blade. These little grooves keep food from sticking as bad. This is super important when cutting thin slices of meat and we like thin slices.
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  • Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Drill Kit

    Makita had us at "480 in. lbs of Max Torque". Having used these drills for at least 100 hours around our house, we can attest that if you're not careful they could break your wrist. This drill and impact driver are compact and powerful. We've drilled through metal and concrete with ease and have built our own tables, benches, swings, and bridges while also hanging drywall, stirring paint, polishing cars, and boring holes. The impact driver is especially helpful for driving screws into really dense materials. Oh, and we've broken some screws too - again, powerful! This kit comes with two rechargeable batteries - a MUST - and a great little LED flashlight. Which reminds us, each drill has an led light built into the handle that illuminates on each trigger pull. We've used this little light far more than we expected.
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  • Modway Upholstered Round Ottoman

    We were shocked when we first walked into our master bathroom because it was larger than our first house's kitchen (no exaggeration)! As we're practical people, we were embarrassed to have a bathroom that large. Then we began noticing the large bathroom trend of the last decade and settled down. Stand alone shower, garden tub, two separate sinks and vanities, a private room with toilet, two walk-in closets, a linen closet and a giant empty space in the middle. The Modway upholstered round ottoman filled it. Not only does it fill the space, it gives us great seating to put on shoes and socks, have a conversation, relax and check Facebook, or lay out clothes. Of course it would be great in a living space as well but it's become more than just a piece of furniture for us - the Modway ottoman is the centerpiece of our master bath.
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  • Simpli Home Shaker Wood Coffee Table

    Our first coffee table was a Shaker style table like this. It was in a small apartment with a small living room, a small couch and a small TV. This table gave the room a touch of sophistication. The unifying feature of "Shaker style" furniture is simplicity and often with simplicity comes sophistication. You'll always see clean lines with squared and tapered features in Shaker style tables. The style gets its name from the religious sect begun in England in the 1700's known as the "Shakers". Their guiding principles were simplicity, utility, and honesty and that's exactly how we'd describe this coffee table - well maybe not the honesty part. We mostly liked the storage drawers for all the things we didn't want just laying around the living room but the open shelf was a great place for books and coasters when we needed to clear off the top. We miss that little table.
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  • Three Piece Cookware Set

    Cookware sets are all over the place but we've never seen the use of a 17 piece set with pots, pans, a dutch oven, and one egg wonders. We keep it simple around our house. We have our basic non-stick fry pan for our morning eggs and bacon and we have our 2 quart saucepan for marina sauce and pasta. Um...that's about it. Sure we have some other pieces but for daily use a basic pot and pan does the job. Obviously non-stick surfaces are a plus. Padded, riveted handles with hooks for hanging provide comfort and space saving convenience. The anodized aluminum construction is very durable and scratch resistant. Best of all it provides non-toxic nonstick surfaces created by the anodization process.
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