LED lights are quickly replacing incandescent lights. Pair them with smart home tech and you have something truly special. Philips makes a huge variety of products but they really shine when it comes to bulbs (sorry, I just had to). LEDs last much longer than other kinds of lights and consume less energy, but smart LED lights can also be controlled remotely and even paired with Amazon’s Alexa (Echo), Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. So not only can you control your lights remotely, you can control your lights with the sound of your voice.

The Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit includes one Bridge (i.e. control box) and 4 A19 white lightbulbs. The Bridge can support up to 50 lights on a schedule. Amazingly you can also add up to 12 additional accessories such motion sensors and smart light switches. You can further automate the Hue system by pairing the Bridge with Nest or SmartThings systems. There are plenty of options but smart LEDs are installed just like ordinary lightbulbs.