Gone are the days of the 200lbs television and the rear-projection TV too. Plasma screens became LCD’s that became LED’s and we’re all thankful. This 55″ LED from LG weighs just over 30lbs! If you can secure a mirror to the wall you can mount this TV. Not that a TV should be the focal point of every living room but when it is you want it to be one like this and LG makes a great one.

The smart functions give you access to apps and content using WebOS 3.5 alongside built in Wi-Fi. 4K Ultra HD has redefined high definition and with 3 HDMIs, 2 USBs, 1 RF, 1 composite, component shared w/ composite, 1 ethernet port, and 1 optical port there’s no end to what you can see in 4K.

Best of all…less than $600!