We are building CrateRoom.com to be a leading buyers guide for the items most American men use everyday and often purchase online. Our focus is on promoting specific products that actually enhance our lives and make our day-to-day grind more enjoyable. We don’t list products on CrateRoom.com unless 1. we have used them or 2. we hope to purchase in the near future. In fact we use many of the items listed on CrateRoom.com every day.

We list 10 to 15 product types in each product category: Bags, Flashlights, Grooming, Hats, Jackets, Pocket Knives, Skills, Sunglasses, Toys and Wallets. We add new products as we discover and use them. If you’re interested in recommending a product or submitting your own product, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

With the rise of endorsed and fake reviews it’s difficult to know the quality of online purchases. We do not write reviews but make recommendations based on our own experiences. If we don’t think it’s great, it doesn’t go on our site. You won’t find “1 Star” or “5 Star” ratings on CrateRoom.com; only honest recommendations. Of course opinions vary and there’s always the chance of purchasing that one defective product but rest assured, we don’t waste our time recommending products we don’t like!